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Key muscle maintenance/building exercises.

March 10th, 2013 | Posted by Simon in Toning

Today we’re going to focus on a few compound exercises that are key to building muscle, and if you’re trying to keep fit and get toned, maintain your muscle.

Now, these things are easy to do at a gym, but a little more complicated for a home workout, but they’re worth the effort if done consistently. You’ll develop a strong core, and they hit a lot of muscles throughout your body keeping you tight and toned, or building muscle depending on weight and repetitions.


Grab yourself a mop, a broomstick, a pole, anything about 5-6 feet long that you can get your hands around. Place it across your shoulders resting on your traps, holding the object with your hands just outside of your shoulders. To create some weight, hang a couple of bottles with handles full of water on either side, or another variation.

Now, back straight, gradually bend your knees and mimic lowering down to sit on a chair, keep going lower, looking straight ahead until your thighs are almost paralleled to the ground. Once there, slowly drive up through your heels, you’ll feel your core engaging, get to standing position and repeat. Fantastic exercise.


Need that broom/mop, whatever you used once again. Hold it once again just outside shoulder width infront of you horizontally. Keeping your back straight slowly lower it down, bending your knees with it almost scraping along your shins. Once as low as you can go (keeping your back straight) bring it back up almost along your shins, and extend toward a standing position. Repeat, and add weight as necessary.

Chest Press

This is the most difficult to do at home as benches arent easily accessible. Once again, use the object you have done for the previous exercises, lay flat on a bench and push the object towards the ceiling. Should you not have the equipment, fill up a couple of bottles with water for some weight, lay flat on the floor, and push them out toward the ceiling, lowering your arms until your elbows hit the ground, and repeat.

There you have it, a little more complicated than the normal exercises I give you, but as important as any. Compound movements are key to strength and your coree

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